Lamar Jackson Deal: Live Reaction From A Ravens Fan

As I write this blog wearing my Lamar Jackson jersey, lying in bed under my Big Truzz poster, I can confidently say this is the happiest I’ve been in months. Lamar Jackson is back in Baltimore and the Lombardi Trophy is coming next.

Yes, we gave him the bag. Lamar is now the highest paid player in NFL history, making $52 million dollars per year on a five year deal worth up to $260 million dollars. Is it worth it? Fuck yes.

Lamar wanted more fully guaranteed money than Deshaun Watson to make him the most guaranteed paid player of all time. That would be at least $251 million dollars all fully guaranteed. Instead, the Ravens chose to give Lamar $185 million dollars guaranteed, with the potential to be the highest earning player (per year) if he plays all the games he should.

So yeah, the deal is most definitely worth it. Despite the lengthy (and ugly) public negotiations between GM Eric DeCosta and Lamar, there was never doubt of Jackson’s talent or value to the Ravens. It’s just extremely hard to give someone who hasn’t finished the last two seasons a fully guaranteed contract. However, this deal is more fair on both sides.

$260 million sure is a shit load of money, but as a fan I don’t care at all. Will this fuck us in the future? Maybe, that’s not my job to figure out. All I know is that my lord and savior is back and the Flock is about to get rolling.

Alex Becker

Written by Alex Becker

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