Lance Armstrong Ignites Twitter Talking About Transgender Athletes

After being shunned from the public eye for years of doping, Lance Armstrong is now known as the lying cyclist with one testicle. In an effort to make some sort of comeback to the American spotlight, Armstrong has just begun a new project based on having conversations about transgender athletes.

Posting on Twitter Saturday night, Armstrong revealed that he is beginning a series called Forward in which he tries to tackle whether transgender athletes switching to compete with the gender they have transitioned into is fair.

In the clip he posted along with the tweet, Armstrong sits down to talk about transgender and former athlete Caitlyn Jenner who has scrutinized once-male athletes in the past for transitioning and immediately dominating against women.

Armstrong posted once more to clarify why he was starting this series. 

It’s clear based on his wording that Armstrong doesn’t believe once-male transgender athletes should be allowed to compete with biological females. While I don’t disagree, I do think his statement of being “uniquely positioned to have these conversations” is quite ridiculous. Armstrong at the source wants to get down to the point of fairness in athletics. The only problem is that throughout his entire career, Armstrong was doping and taking steroids to illegally give himself an unfair advantage. Seems pretty hypocritical, don’t you think? Well, a ton of people on Twitter did.

There were also some good testicle tweet replies, making fun of Armstrong for losing a ball to testicular cancer which many believe occurred due to his years of doping.

Regardless of your opinion on transgender athletes, I think this is actually going to bring people together. Maybe we can’t decide what’s exactly fair for trans-athletes, but we can all rally together on the stance that Lance Armstrong is a real piece of shit.

Alex Becker

Written by Alex Becker

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