Larry’s Locks III


LATE NIGHT SLATE! Not going to hype it tooooo much, but the kid went undefeated last blog. So, maybe ride the picks? We’re absolutely selecting and acquiring locks right now. Ride the hot. I wish the Islanders game was earlier so you all could ride the hottest and best coached team in hockey. Instead, we’ll be betting on the most rigged league of them all… the NBA. Though I am 2-0, I am fully prepared to get fucking wiped tonight, especially because its Sunday. Shoutout to everyone fading Larry Locks. Let’s go 2 weeks undefeated. We have some quick summaries for the picks, nothing too crazy.

Knicks vs Pistons: Knicks -1

I’ve been riding Knicks ATS for the past few weeks and it’s been kind of rough, but it won me a pick on the last blog, and here… we ride the hot. I’m also a shameless fan of betting teams I follow. This is usually advised against, and has proven to be a recipe for disaster, but we do not seem to live and learn. We simply ride hot.

Heat vs Hawks: Heat -3.5

Apparently Trae is out with a groin jawnson, so I have full confidence in a Heat team that is really good and has yet to show it this year. I really feel like people forget how dominant this team was in the playoffs last year. I get the feeling, as per usual in the NBA: these dudes do not try in the regular season!

Lakers vs Warriors: Lakers -3

This is my sketchiest pick of the night for sure. I’m purely betting on the Lakers waking the fuck up. I’ve had 2 homies pull the same move the last 2 games and fail miserably, so tonight is the night. No AD, no problem.

Blackhawks vs Red Wings: Blackhawks ML

Though its going to be around -200 on any book, this is a pick I would toss in my lay any day. The Hawks are riding super fucking hot and this Wings team could be the worst in Hockey. Thomas Greiss has been a dumpster fire since he left the Iles.


Written by Larry Locks

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