Larry Nassar – Former US Gymnastics Doctor – Brutally Stabbed in Prison

Initially reported earlier this morning, Larry Nassar – disgraced ex-doctor for the US women’s gymnastics team – was stabbed multiple times in a Florida federal prison on Sunday. Nassar is currently in stable condition despite being stabbed in both the back and chest by a fellow inmate. However, he doesn’t have much to look forward to after recovering as he continues to serve his forty-year sentence.

I’m honestly surprised that Nassar hasn’t already been attacked multiple times by other inmates after the atrocities he committed during his tenure as the US team doctor. While this stabbing seems to result from staffing shortages according to AP News, there’s no way this should be Nassar’s first run-in with a shank. I’m a firm believer that wishing ill will on other people is bad karma, but I think this guy might be an exception. A life sentence in federal prison isn’t punishment enough for Nassar’s actions – and I think a vast majority would agree. 

After this stabbing, I would imagine that Nassar might be moved to a more isolated prison to prevent him from being attacked again. Or not, I know nothing about the US prison system. What I do know, however, is that dropping the soap is NOT an option for this dude if he still wants to stay alive.

Written by the godfather

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