Larry’s Locks I

Beauties! How are we? This is Larry Locks signing onto the first ever TFM Larry Locks picks of the night. Got some Big 10 college ball coming at you tonight, as well as an awesome eastern conference puck jawn and an NBA Lockenstein. Prepare for the heartbreaks and the upsets. We’re going to start this shit off as an absolute sharp. Be on the lookout for Stephanos as a cracked out Aussie Open bet as it has been my main source of revenue this past week.

Nets vs : Nets +2.5

NBA LOCK OF THE NIGHT. We’re absolutely smoking the Lakers pack tonight. The team is riding high and has actually gotten deeper in the past week. Though they’re battling an injury bug, this is a classic fade the public pick. Kyrie. Harden. NO AD.

Michigan vs Rutgers: Michigan -9

I prefer Mich ML in a lay, but I think this is a big enough lock. This Rutgers team is very fast and will come at them in the first half, keeping it close, but this Michigan team rakes in the second half. They showed that they can finish games in their 40 – 20 thumping of Wisconsin.

Iowa vs Wisco: Iowa +2.5

Love moneyline against a Wisco team that is riding high. We can keep this one short with one name. LUCA GARZA. If you have watched an Iowa basketball game this year you know the ginormous unguardable man that is reeking havoc on the Big 10

Islanders vs Penguins: Over 5.5

Both of these teams have been buzzing the past 2 weeks on the offense end. The Iles top 2 lines will need to have a productive night to hit this over, but Barzy boys should be able to snap a couple past Jarry. Kid is ass.

Written by Larry Locks

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