Larry’s Locks IV


Feeeeeelin’… hot hot hot. Beauties! We are 8-0 in the last two blogs! Though we beat the bookie on Sunday, sometimes you have to pull back on the reins and calm it down before you blow it out, so I took a few days off. But we are BACK and going with two NBA, and two NHL games. I’m going to keep it very short and sweet, and hopefully we continue to ride this fucking hot.

Clippers vs Celtics: Clippers ML

Nuggets vs Bucks: Nuggets +8

Islanders vs Devils: Islanders ML (If you are feeling it like I am, throw the -1.5 for +190. VALUE TOWN)

Hurricanes vs Predators: Hurricanes ML

My betting philosophies are very simple. Take hot teams, bet against bad teams, and always go with your gut. I’m not going to fucking crunch probabilities for a day before a game starts or research guy all over twitter to see who likes who. But, you can lock me in to go 4-0 3 blogs in a fucking row after this one because Larry definitely has Locks tonight, and every night.

Written by Larry Locks

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