Larry’s Locks IX

20 – 9: 69% (Nice.)

Gents. We had a bit of a blunder in the last blog going 1-2. The hockey sharp seems to have fallen off his horse, and off blog, I can’t pick a march madness game to save my life. Absolute madness here in Cuse by the way. FUCK WVU, GIVE US HOUSTON! So, as we dance on, hopefully my college ball luck will improve, or my March is actually GG’d. I FUCKING LOVE THE DOGS IN THIS TOURNEY LETS GO.

Oklahoma vs Gonzaga: Oklahoma +14.5

Its just too many points for this March. I just do not see Gonzaga up by 15 at the end of the game. Even if they blow them out in the first half, there have been more than a handful of backdoor covers that comfort me enough to wince and take Oklahoma. Gonzaga is absolutely gross, but Oklahoma is annoying enough to stay in this game, and you never know in March. TAKE THE POINTS!

Michigan vs LSU: LSU +5

This LSU team is so fucking fun to watch. They have 3/4 guys who can really heat up, and when at least 2 of them are in their bag, every game they play turns into a shootout. It is extremely unique to have 4 guys who can go out and drop 30. Now, this is the only reason I like them over this Mich team. The Blue have a very half-court styled offense. If this game is a shootout LSU has a very good chance of winning.

FSU vs Boulder: FSU -1.5

Riding with my home team on this one. Not only is Boulder EXTREMELY overseeded, but I love FSU. As an athletic, momentum stealing team, March is the perfect setting for them to make a run. I also just do not think Boulder is athletic enough to run with this FSU team.


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