Larry’s Locks V

13 – 3

Just throwing a couple little guys tonight to get ready for a HUGE Saturday tomorrow. Be on the lookout for the some golf picks in the Arnold Palmer Invitational. Victor Hovland is fucking younger than me and absolutely disgusting. He’s going head to head with Rory as they wait for that Canadian nobody to choke. In other events, Jesus is fighting in the octagon. But that’s for the next blog. For now, I guess I’m just going to keep being a hockey guru. I’ll be taking these 3 picks layed and the Lightning straight at -190.

Lightning vs Blackhawks: Lightning ML

Avalanche vs Ducks: Avalanche ML

Knights vs Sharks: Knights ML

I HAVE NOT MISSED AN NHL GAME ON THIS BLOG. RIDE THE HOT. Be ready for UFC, golf, college ball, and a whole lot more hockey coming tomorrow! God damn I’m hot.

Written by Larry Locks

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