Larry’s Locks VI

15 – 4

So we lost our first NHL jawn in the Larry Locks era, but 2-1 isn’t too bad. 2-1 doesn’t win a parlay though. Big day yesterday for degens everywhere. I decided not to partake as UFC is fucking impossible and Tony Finau dropped out of the top 10 at the Arnold Palmer. I am currently watching Bryson, Jordan, and Lee Westwood battle it out on the back 9 while I contemplate paying someone to do college for me and search the board endlessly for anything resembling a lock. Sorry hockey haters. Its one of those nights again.

This is the dumbest bet in the history of Larry Locks: TEAM DURANT ML (+185)

We will be riding with KD for the value, and before I get chirped for this, everyone needs to realize that this is not a real basketball game. I am betting on the fact that KD’s snake ass tries just a little bit harder than Lebron. That is what this game will come down to. Who tries harder.

Penguins vs Rangers: Penguins ML/ -1.5 (+170)

Not only do I just genuinely enjoy betting and rooting against the fucking scumbag Rangers, but they’re also legitimately the worst team in the east. I wish I could place a future for them to actually come in dead last. The Pens have looked amazing offensively, and every time they have a goalie play well they seem to win. I’m probably going to take the puck line, but the Pens are a nice lock to toss in the lay tonight.

Flames vs Senators: Flames ML

Not much to explain about this one. Keep betting against the Senators. They have offensive fire power, but may just be the most inconsistent team in the NHL. I am also a big fan of Matty Tkachuk and Shane Monohan generally, so when its a nice hockey night in Canada I’ll always tune in.

Written by Larry Locks

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