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21 – 11 ~ 66%

The hitting percentage has plummeted in the past 3 blogs, but I am yet to go winless on a blog. Fuck this March honestly. Vegas is all over these spreads as well. Absolute heartbreaker with no back-door cover on the Zags game, and I simply feel like whatever I bet in this tournament will miss. But, you gotta hit eventually, and I’m feeling a hot coming. So lets transfer over to the NIT and NHL shall we?

NC State vs Colorado State: NC State (-125) ML

Love rooting for my dogs in the ACC, and NC State was actually a problem this year. Their front court can be dominant at times with Manny Bates and Jericole Hellems hounding boards and put backs. This CSU team beat San Diego State in the regular season, so they are no slouch, but I expect the better conference to win this matchup, and I think NC State wins by 5 or more.

Islanders vs Bruins: Islanders (EV) ML

Islanders even money line?!? Sign me up twice. Fuck the B’s this is the last year of them being relevant mark my words. This is truly the first season I feel like Bergy and Krejci don’t quite look the same. Maybe they’re saving gas for the playoffs, but are they even going to make it considering how strong the east is? Its time to go back to hockey sharping, and tonight is the night.

Devils vs Capitals: Devils +1.5 (-135)

This is just way too much value not to take. You get a good team, with a goal and a half, and an almost even money line in the National Hockey League. I really do not care how down bad the any team is right now… I’m taking it every time. This one will either be the most obvious loss, or the easiest win, there is no in between in this one. I run this fucking conference. I need to go back to making the East my bitch.

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