Larry’s Locks XII

24 – 14 ~ 63%

So, we are absolutely finished betting on my teams. The Islanders and Syracuse ball – who have been absolute wagons by the way – both fucked me last night. Its really time to get locked back in. I’m still hitting NHL picks at around 75%, so we need to go back to the well. If I woke up earlier Gonzaga spread would be the pick of the day, so we’ll see how that goes. Other than that, I’m lost in this tournament, as it has destroyed my confidence in college ball. Time to TimmyBounceBack.

Panthers vs Stars: Panthers (+105) ML

Loving the Panthers and hating the Stars lately. Though the Stars are on a need to win basis, and Barkov and Huberdeau are injured tonight, yet I still love the Panthers in this one. They’ve been one of the most consistent teams in the league this year because they play as a team. I really don’t think the Stars are bringing what they brought to the bubble last year going down the stretch.

Trail Blazers vs Raptors: Blazers -1.5

This line is way too low as the raptors have lost the last 10 of 11 games. They’re 1-10 in the month of March and I do not see a turnaround coming soon. The blazers won their last two, and just seem like the better team right now. Add that to the fact that Norman Powell was shipped to the blazers for Gary Trent and Rodney Hood. I guess we’ll see how the trade plays out in the showdown tonight.

Florida State vs Michigan: Florida State (+120) ML

No Livers, and no test this tourney. Say less. FSU money line is the absolute move. Michigan was in a close game a hot 8-seed LSU team last weekend, and just squeezed it out in the last few minutes. Florida State was up against the Boulder last weekend and stuck it to them. I think FSU has a great start tonight in transition, and pulls away in the second half.

Written by Larry Locks

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