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26 – 15 ~ 63%

ITS OPENING DAY FOR THE MLB AND SPIRITS ARE HIGH. Buzzed a nice 2-1 record on the last blog after admitting how terrible my college ball picks have been. Obviously I proceeded to take my only L betting on FSU money line against a 1 seed. I’m not missing hockey… so we’re hoping baseball can go in a similar direction. I will not be putting the Islanders on the blog today, but they are +210 -1.5 against the Caps and need a win.

Panthers v Red Wings: Panthers (-250) ML

Personally, I am going to lay my 2 hockey picks tonight. I don’t love Florida -1.5 because of their nasty back check and team defense. Just trust the hockey abilities. If you fade everything else. Ride with me this NHL season… all the way to an Islanders ripping stews out of the cup. Oh and the Red Wings are fucking terrible.

Hurricanes v Blackhawks: Hurricanes (-160) ML

My favorite team besides the Islanders in the NHL. Their first line is so dominant. Once a game they decide to dominate for 10 minutes and completely change the energy for their team. Aho and Svets are so much better than everyone on the ice tonight.

Rays v Marlins: Rays (+120) -1.5

Glasnow just absolutely deals. I love watching this guy pitch and this is the perfect late night bet for tonight. AL East vs NL East matchup at 10… Lets go baby! The Marlins will finish last in the division mark my words. Take the value in 1.5 or the moneyline, but I do not see the Marlins coming out of this game with a win.

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