Larry’s Locks XV

30 – 17 ~ 64%

The big 15 baby! As I sit on my couch watching day 2 of The Masters, I’m starting to think I’ll be sharping golf and hockey all weekend. There will be a separate Masters blog incoming within the next 24 hours, so we will leave out the golf bets in this one. Off the blog, I picked Colin and DJ as my 2 winners prior to the tournament starting. I will be placing some more jawnsons once the cut is made.

Islanders vs Rangers: Islanders (-140) ML

This one better be free money. Igor has started in net for the ‘Gers the past 2 games, so he’ll probably be working the door tonight. The Iles will have a different kind of jump in this line up with their new addition. I’m absolutely juiced to see where Trots slots these two solid pieces in as the boys pummel the Rangers tonight.

76ers vs Pelicans: 76ers -6

Simply put, this team is just really fucking good. They may have the most dominant player in the NBA at the moment. I also do not believe in this Pelicans team for one second. I am not drinking the cool aid this season. They have no chance. There is no late playoff run. Nothing. Sixers by 6 son.

Phillies vs Braves: Phillies (+110) ML

I guess we’re fucking riding philly tonight. Shout out all the dirty Philly scumbags out there. I actually hate all of you. But this phillies team is really solid, and I still have some love for Zack Wheeler. He is no stranger to the NL East, and this philly lineup has been hitting anyone and everything.

Written by Larry Locks

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