Larry’s Locks XVII

32 – 21 ~ 60%

After a little hiatus, we are back and will be much more consistent with the picks going forward. If you tuned into the last blog, you may have hit a nice hockey lay, so we will be going back to the well and hopefully starting to get hot in baseball. I can’t fucking wait for playoff basketball and hockey to start. They are legitimately different sports in the post season, and it makes it so much easier to bet on sports when the players are actually fucking trying. I have sworn off basketball until the post season for that exact reason… these guys actually just play pickup for millions of dollars until the post season.

Mets v Cubs: Mets (-125) ML

Peterson on the bump for the Mets coming off of a tough loss to the Cubbies last night. I love this guys stuff, he has 15 Ks through 10 innings pitched, and I think he is just going to keep rolling. No chance the Mets drop 2 in a row to a pretty weak Cubs team. Lindor and Petey need to start raking for this team to be decent, and Conforto has quickly been switched from the his starting lineup spot in the 3 to where he belongs in the 6. Can’t drop 2 in a row to the Cubs.

Vegas v Sharks: Vegas (-115) -1.5

I’m hoping this one is just going to be free money. It just does not feel like the Sharks want to play anymore and IF Vegas wins this game. WHEN Vegas wins this game, it will be by more than one. I cannot imagine a bigger heartbreak than this team only beating the fucking Sharks by 1. I don’t need to walk anyone else through why I love this team. Just refer to literally every other blog.

Oilers v Canadians: Oilers (-140) ML

I actually really like the Oilers -1.5 in this one. I’m getting it at +175, so that is some serious value. My Knights have done me well this season but in the last few games they have not been covering the way they were previously, so we will stick with the moneyline. The Oilers are such an interesting team in the Canadian division because they are just a good, incomplete team. Will their top two lines continue to carry the entire team?

Written by Larry Locks

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