Larry’s Locks XVIII

34 – 22 ~ 61%

I really had no idea that roman numerals could be 5 digits but here we go #18. Coming off of a nice 2-1 performance I think we’re ready to get back to going 3-0. We are more due than that Lindor home run from last blog. Gearing up for the playoffs and getting ready to go… the Golden Knights, Hurricanes, Avalanche, Islanders, and Knicks have continued to put on for the blog and we will continue to ride in the ‘yoffs. If you want an extra team for a 3 leg hockey lay, I may touch the Oilers tonight as well.

Hurricanes v Stars: Hurricanes (-135) ML

We stay riding these boys. Reimer in goal, Mrazek and Teräväinen will not be playing tonight, but that first line is still intact and firing. Dallas has their bummy ass backup playing, Oettinger is 9-6-6 and the Stars are battling Nashville for that last playoff spot in the Central. Lay these 2 hockey jaunts if you’re feeling it. I think that’s going to be my play for tonight.

Coyotes v Sharks: Coyotes (-115) ML

I simply love betting against this team. That combined with the fact that the Yotes are fighting the Blues for that 4 spot just to get absolutely dogged in the first round (again). I feel like people forget about the bubble Coyotes. This team is very mean and fast, and the Sharks have shown time and time again that they have no interest in competing.

Yankees v Orioles: No Runs First Inning (-110)

My god the Yankees cannot fucking hit. You could put me on the mound and I would get out of the first. Yeah… not actually but I love this bet. I swear this is the least stressful baseball bet you can take right here. We pray that Matt Harvey waits until the second inning to get blown up, and pick up our money next Monday.

Written by Larry Locks

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