Larsa Pippen “Traumatized” By Michael Jordan’s Comments on Her Relationship

Michael Jordan has been consistently atop headlines recently – but not for anything that has to do with basketball. Rather, everyone wants to know his opinion on the relationship between his son, Marcus, and Larsa Pippen (Scottie Pippen’s ex-wife). This relationship seems almost as surreal as when Ariana Grande first started dating Pete Davidson, but even that relationship made some sort of sense while it lasted. Earlier this week, MJ came out publicly with his disapproval of Marcus and Larsa’s relationship, which we all had previously imagined to be the case since the Jordan-Pippen duo isn’t that much of a duo these days. Larsa Pippen didn’t take too lightly to these comments, however:

Seriously, Larsa? You’re traumatized? Imagine your own kids seeing your new relationship blasted all over the internet. Scottie Pippen Jr. is probably getting clowned in whatever G-league locker room he’s currently in, with the rest of the Pippen children getting the same treatment at the school lunch table. Sure, “love is love”, but is letting Marcus Jordan blow hookah smoke all over you really love? Talk about traumatizing.

I couldn’t imagine that this relationship goes on for that much longer. But, if it somehow lasts, their child will be the second coming of Jesus Christ on the basketball court. Although Marcus is no Bronny, the Jordan genes are unmatched. Combine that with some Pippen DNA and you’ve got the real GOAT right there. I know I might be getting a little far ahead of myself – but maybe arrange a marriage between their kid and Zhuri James? Now that would be greatness.

Written by the godfather

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