Las Vegas Introduces ‘MSG Sphere’, The Coolest Thing Since The Pyramids

Las Vegas is introducing the “MSG Sphere”, an attraction that will host live music, film, and sporting events. The sphere features a massive LED screen, immersive audio, and 4-D experiences for guests. It will officially open in September with a series of U2 concerts. Standing 366 feet tall and 516 feet wide, the venue is the largest sphere in the world and can accommodate nearly 18,000 people.

On July 3rd, the amazing happened: the video screen was turned on for the first time. However, right from the beginning, there were some issues. There were huge traffic jams and other car-related problems because everyone wanted to see it. Can you blame them? Just take a look at this thing!

I’ve got one burning question about this thing: Will they open it up on Sundays for NFL Redzone? Just imagine how amazing it would be to fully dive into Scott Hanson’s commentary and enjoy 10 hours of commercial-free football while sweating out my bets. I heard the Sphere can even release scents and adjust the air to enhance the whole experience. It would be amazing to smell the sweat and light beer as my beloved 49ers throw 3 INTs and make me question my life choices. I think every city should have a Sphere.

Written by TFM Stelly

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