Last Nights UNC/Miami Game Was Cancelled Cause Miami Wasn’t Comfortable Since 2 Players Were Spotted Partying Without Masks

A school that is known for partying, cancelled a basketball game because 2 Tar Heels were caught partying without masks on after UNC beat Duke. Miami which is one of the only places that is open for partying and going out wasn’t comfortable. The hypocrisy is off the charts, and the University of Miami must be drinking some strong Kool Aid to think that their players aren’t going out. Who wouldn’t want to go out and party at the U after watching this video?

To rub salt in the wound it wasn’t like the players accidentally leaked the footage, or a rival school found out and snitched on them. No the UNC school paper the Daily Tar Heel was the ones that broke the story. How the fuck does your own school rat you out? This is the school that made up fake classes for their athletes to attend, and they swept that under the rug. They couldn’t manage to sweep 2 players hanging out in a room without masks under the rug?

Can we all agree for all Colleges to not post stupid shit on social media. I don’t know if the world can go without another March Madness. Remember when Big Cat said that if March Madness was cancelled he would inject himself with Corona? That was almost a year ago and we are still dealing with this shit. The Madness needs to happen.

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