LeBron Is That Annoying Dad At His Kids Games

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Everybody can picture the annoying parent in their mind. Maybe you played high school sports or even college sports, and there’s always one parent who is annoying as fuck. They aren’t on the coaching squad, but they coach the team up from the bleachers. They scream at the refs like they are Bobby Knight in the mid-’80s. You get second-hand embarrassment from watching them, and you don’t understand how your buddy can deal with them as a parent. Well, the 2nd greatest player of all time is that parent. LeBron James is annoying as fuck in every clip I’ve seen while he’s at Bronny’s games.

ESPN and Bleacher Report will spin this as look how much of an amazing father LeBron is because both of them have gotten rug burn on their knees from LeBron. In reality, here is LeBron stepping on the court coaching his son. There are no other parents on the court, and LeBron isn’t a coach, so why is he on the court? Here we have LeBron going after the PA announcer. Do you know what a regular parent would be called? Fucking crazy, but nope for LeBron, it’s because he is standing up for his son. In reality, LeBron made it the LeBron show after the announcer said that Bronny wouldn’t be getting those calls if it wasn’t for this being LeBron’s gym.

Another example is when LeBron is coaching up Bronny for the game-winning shot. LeBron is telling Bronny to get open and get a shot; what if that wasn’t the play? What if Bronny was supposed to set a pick, pass the ball, or drive and kick to his teammates? LeBron would be going against the coach and confusing his son. Do I listen to my coach or my dad, who is a four-time champion, by the way?

Is there any hope for Bronny or is he going to have to deal with a crazy parent for the rest of his career?

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