Lebron Signs 2-Year Deal, No One is Surprised

The fact that Lebron penned a new deal with the Lakers is not very surprising to tell the truth. The Lakers are in desperation mode right now. They need Lebron to stay on the team. Without Lebron, the Lakers are lower than irrelevant. Their team besides Lebron is a broken Anthony Davis, an old Russell Westbrook, and a bunch of young players that sat on the Warriors bench when they won the finals. 

It’s also not surprising at all that Lebron signed this deal. He loves the Lakers brand. He wants to remain a Laker for as long as possible, not just because it will increase his bank account, but because he’d love to set his son Bronny up in the biggest basketball market on the planet.

Honestly, the only thing unexpected is that Lebron didn’t demand more money. He definitely could have. He’s Lebron freaking James. The Lakers are in desperate need of him, he probably could have broken every single NBA contract record if he wanted to. I’m very surprised that he didn’t and ‘settled’ for just the 97.1 million. But I mean fair enough for the Lakers, they cling on to relevancy for at least a little while longer.

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Written by Warren Loukota

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