Let Patrick Rage

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes fired up the crowd on stage in front of Union Station during the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl LVII victory parade Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2023, in downtown Kansas City. (Tammy Ljungblad/The Kansas City Star/Tribune News Service via Getty Images)

After winning the Super Bowl LVII on Sunday, the Chiefs did what every other Super Bowl Champion ever has done. They got hammered on top of double-decker buses and gave hilarious drunk speeches. It is truly an NFL fan’s dream. As always, there will be those people with a stick up their ass that are going to make you fight for your right to party. Those window lickers came out in droves after the Super Bowl celebration parade in Kansas City.

Ross Tucker has to be one of the biggest knuckle-munchers on Twitter. This is why kids look up to him. He is living a life I think anyone would dream of having. Also, is it really his responsibility to set an example for your kid? The craziest moment of the whole parade was hands down when Mahomes handed a fan the Lombardi trophy and then just dipped back to the bus. Talk about top-tier social media content.

I think all the people who don’t want Patrick to rage should shove it because frankly, he is a content machine. Do we not remember the viral clips of Tom Brady from the boat parade in Tampa Bay? Year after year this is a stream of hilarious content that NFL fans know and love. If we didn’t let players go wild in the streets we would be depriving fans of this phenomenal opportunity to celebrate their team winning the Super Bowl while justifying drinking at 10 am.

Written by Brady White

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