Let’s Be Losers Together

It’s the first semi-warm day here in NJ, which got me thinking about the weather, how it affects people, and what it’s like to live in a place where that doesn’t matter.

Welcome to the inside of my anger-filled brain…

Fuck places where it’s warm 24/7. Fuck you California with your nice weather all the time. A place where you can be inside or outside and it’s nice… that it’s not a life that’s just a life long vacation. You people have no emptiness. Where are the snowstorms, or the cold windy days where you feel like someones going to rob you? You need to have shitty weather and be sad occasionally to enjoy the nice weather. Why do we allow the weather to dictate how we feel or the things we do? I hate summer because it pressures me to go outside and do things I hate. It opens up so many more possibilities of me having to do things. I have to worry about people wanting me to do stuff. There are people who change their entire personality when the weather is really nice or really shitty. You know the type. They suddenly want to do more shit with you and the very first thing they mention is how nice it is outside. 

They specifically say “Oh It’s nice outside you should do something outside today”… fuck no. Not anymore. I was going to go on a run, but now that you said I should do something I’m not going to. 100% out of spite. Because I know what’s going to happen. I’m gonna go on a run and then you are gonna think, in your mind, that it was because of what you said to me you self-centered bitch. This happens all the time, especially with my mom. She likes to be on every single level of “well why don’t you try this” and it’s annoying. It’s helpful at times like with job shit and which condom to use, but sometimes I’m not looking for you to solve things. Sometimes I just want to exist as my own person and go on a run without any interjections. But I can’t do that now because you turned on your “let’s try to fix literally everything about everyone” ray and shoved yourself into my life with “Oh it’s nice today you should go on a run”. Fuck that. Now I can’t go on a run because it’s positively reinforcing something that isn’t good for you to have.

What was I saying? Oh, yea people who change who they are when it gets warm out. You don’t go outside anyway, so why just because it’s sunny means you can do more? You are setting yourself up for failure. You do the same shit for when it’s shitty outside. You say that it’s shitty outside, so you have a crappy day. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. Meaning that, if you think something bad is going to happen, then something bad will happen. It also means that you are more prone to having things go wrong almost as if you wanted them to. 

My point is fuck you for suddenly thinking that, just because it’s nice outside, it means you have to have a nice productive day. Let’s be losers together.

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  1. Come hang out with me. We can be losers together but at least it’s warmer sometimes but not ALL the time. There was a fire alrarm at the aquatics center (haha “ironic” I know, “just stay in the water” haha no: smoke, hot air). All the old people had to get out of the hot therapy pool and they didn’t freez to death while waiting for the OK to come back inside.

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