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Shitty Tik Toker of the Week: Andrew Curtis

I’m sure you’ve seen this Tik Tok or a parody of it floating around this past week or so:

The original Tik Tok is done by a person named Andrew Curtis. Andrew is a video creator on Youtube and Twitch but has been gaining a lot of traction on Tik Tok with his quality content:

Let me start with the positives of Andrew. I can tell from watching a good 10-15 Tik Toks that he has a background in dancing and seems good at it.

Now the negatives. He is the embodiment of what I think my little sisters are watching for 3 hours a day in their room when I walk past and hear incoherent fart sounds and loud music on repeat. 

(also, side rant… if you watch Tik Toks in public, and you are above the age of 18, kill yourself. Not only is it the saddest thing to see but it is also sad to hear the same 5-10 second audio clip playing 20 times in a row because you clearly don’t get the joke or are looking at some girl’s tits… side rant over).

Andrew is a perfect candidate for the “loud = funny” content club. He is in good company. Lele pons, Keemstar, and anyone who plays Among Us are there to keep him safe and protected from the 20-year-olds like me who want that style of “humor” to have died with Vine. One of the main reasons why I am shitting on Andrew is because I was debating for a while if he is doing a joke. I was wondering if he was putting on a character just to pander to what gets you popular and if that was the case, I wouldn’t be writing this and I would actually applaud him… then I watched his Twitch. He is a never-ending black hole of these kinds of jokes where he gets very loud or close to the mic to tell a “joke”, a joke as in saying what just happened, but loud so it’s funny. And if you don’t believe me just watch for a little and listen to his stream notification sounds… 

Andrew is also a fan of the “funny face = funny joke” style of… content. One of his most famous Tik Toks, the one from above, is a good advocate of this kind of joke. I don’t get how making a silly face means that you have successfully landed the joke. The reason why I personally hate this type of humor is that anyone can do it. Any girl on Snapchat can scrunch up her chin, take a picture, and be labeled, as Andrew would put it: “letting your goofy side shine through more”. That doesn’t mean you deserve a fucking award for sticking your tongue out or making it look like you are fat. Yes, Andrew, I agree we should all be goofier but you are already too goofy of a human to be making this statement. Every single thing you make is a Three Stooges wannabe piece of content, but instead of revolutionary, it’s just sad.

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