Liam Hendriks Makes First Appearance Since Cancer Diagnosis

Clap it up for Liam Hendriks. I used to hate this guy purely because of how untouchable he is in MLB: The Show, but I think I can get over it as a result of this news. Shortly after finishing off an all-star season in 2022, he was diagnosed with stage 4 non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. The man was so insane the only goal he set for himself in his cancer journey was to pitch for the White Sox by the end of May. Liam Hendriks just beat cancer, and missed less than a third of a season to do it. 

His approach to beating cancer sounds exactly like a closer’s approach to any baseball situation. He received his diagnosis, and simply built his strategy to overcome it. Hendriks is the third person in the MLB to beat a cancer diagnosis in the middle of their career, as Trey Mancini and Jameson Taillon have both made successful MLB careers since returning from cancer treatment. Hendriks apparently has less patience than the other two though, so he put a ticking clock on his return. In the best way possible, Liam Hendriks is a psychopath. 

Hendriks has immediately made himself the most likable player in baseball. He has been one of the league’s best relief pitchers for a while, and he now his story just happens to be a god damn inspiration. I love this for him, especially because I have beef with Trey Mancini. I know that everyone loves him for his positive message, and great story. But he also spread a lot of negativity to the city of Philadelphia in the World Series, so he’s kind of a villain in my eyes. That’s why I’m all in on Hendriks. I can deal with his unhittable slider in a video game if it means I can root for the guy in real life. Until Liam Hendriks pitches for the Mets, he’s a hero in my eyes.  

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