Lil Tay is Alive

Yesterday, he news of fourteen year-old internet sensation Lil Tay’s death shocked the world. Her Instagram account posted a message from the perspective of her mother that broke the news. Today, her and her family made a statement to TMZ to confirm that she is alive. 

Imagine being the secretary taking that call at TMZ. What are the odds they ignored it as a prank call? I’d imagine high. Either way, the person who took that call is probably the only one who has had a crazier last twenty-four hours than Lil Tay. 

With the dust settling on this news, it is time to start analyzing this. Yesterday evening, Lil Tay’s father refused to confirm the news. Today, Lil Tay came out as alive to TMZ. She claimed that a hacker posted the message. This was almost a full twenty-four hours after the post was made. The timelines is a little fishy to me.  

I’ll proudly be the villain if news comes out to prove me wrong, but I think this was definitely a marketing play. When was the last time anyone heard Lil Tay’s name before yesterday? She didn’t appear to be hitting the algorithm as much as she used to. After the news of her death yesterday, she has trended on Twitter for a full day, and will likely continue her run for a little bit. 

Her parent’s divorce has largely decided the outcome of her career. Amidst their separation, they disagreed on the direction of her career. It was messy, and it seems as though her mother won control of her profession in the hearing. It honestly seemed like she was going to be a pawn to whichever parent won control. This is why I think her dad being so vaguely upset about this is a result from a disdain to his ex’s decision for his teenage daughter’s career.

Go watch season three of Dave, if you think this idea is far-fetched.  By the time you get to the episode that proves my point, you will have likely fallen in love with the show. When you see the death scam, you will likely fill my DMs with compliments of my intelligence. 

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