Little Girl Burnt by Chicken McNugget Awarded $800K in Court

I might have to rethink my go-to McDonald’s order after what happened to this little girl. Or just suffer what would seem to be immense pain so I can sue for a couple hundred thousand dollars. I honestly can’t believe this really happened. How hot was that chicken nugget? Sometimes my tongue might get a little burnt when I devour a twenty-piece McNugget meal, but that’s just because my raging munchies usually overpower any pain I might feel from the temperature of the nuggets. Not because the nugget itself could burn through all four layers of the Earth’s crust. 

This girl might be luckier than the person who bought the winning Powerball ticket. You might think I’m crazy for saying that – but just think about it. What are the odds of a chicken McNugget being so hot that it could burn your skin like that? I’ve never seen a nugget like this before and I’m pretty sure no one else has either. I mean, this girl probably just begged her mom for a Happy Meal and in return got her entire college tuition paid for. She’s likely not even old enough to understand how much cash that one chicken nugget actually got her. 

Forget the money for a second – I genuinely can’t comprehend how this nugget left a burn like that on this girl’s arm. Even if the nugget just touched her arm for a second, it would’ve had to been scorching hot for it to leave a burn mark like that. I just don’t understand it. Maybe the girl had the nugget on her arm for an extended period of time – but how could she not feel pain from how hot it was? I don’t think I’ll ever get the answers I’m searching for. One thing I know for sure, however, is that I’ll be avoiding the late-night McDonald’s runs for a little while. At least until someone gets burnt by one of those Burger King Chicken Fries.

Written by the godfather

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