Livvy Dunne is Grooming Baby Gronk

Viral youth football sensation, Baby Gronk, is continuing his college tour. The ten-year-old has already drawn the interest of many division one colleges, and it appears his on field reputation is starting to pay off. On his recent visit to LSU, he met Livvy Dunne. Not only did the two meet, but she hugged Baby Gronk and talked to him in manner that borders friendly and flirtatious. Congratulations to Baby Gronk, who just extended his lead as the coolest kid in his fifth-grade class.

Clearly, this is incredibly inappropriate behavior from Dunne. I don’t care if she was just being friendly, but she is going to turn that kid into a monster. His ego must already be insane due to the fact that he’s had a camera following him around his few years on the earth so far. Now he is going to go back to school and show all of his friends that video. He is never going to listen to another rule ever again. 

Another thing Livvy. I’m way better than Baby Gronk at football. This might be because I am the size of a grown man and his balls are still empty. Nevertheless, I’m not sure what is so special about this kid. This is why I think Livvy has to be grooming this kid. Clearly, she has some ulterior motive to keep a stable of quality athletes at LSU. I think she is going to become to that school what Matthew McConaughey is in Dazed and Confused. Her favorite part of LSU athletes? She gets older, they stay the same. 

If you’ve read my blogs about Livvy Dunne before, you know the drill. I attach a few great pictures at the bottom. You show this to Livvy Dunne should you ever see her around. 

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