Livvy Showcases Her Inner Gossip Girl

(Photo from @livvydunne on Instagram)

Boys, we need to start watching Gossip Girl ASAP.

America’s crush Livvy Dune just posted a series of shots to her Instagram where she channels her inner Gossip Girl. Posing on the steps of a brownstone apartment in New York City, Livvy captioned her pictures “gossip girl here…💋” 

Dressed in a plain white tank top, black shorts, and sunglasses, Livvy resembled Blake Lively’s character Serena van der Woodsen from the hit TV show. Fans were quick to point out the spot-on comparison between Livvy and the former character. One user commented “Serena Van Der Woodsen looks different here…,” while others seemingly had to do a double-take writing “Is that Blake lively sitting on the steps???”

Of course, many comments were things like “wish I was those steps rn😮‍💨” as well as haters calling her “mid.” Though clearly the latter isn’t true, many dudes try to feel better about being ugly and lonely by insulting Livvy. Though this has been a trend for quite some time (still not as long as the “I want your bath water” trend), Livvy hasn’t let the comments get to her.

Just last week, Livvy posted photos from a photoshoot with Elle Magazine. In her interview, Livvy talked about her final upcoming year at LSU as well as plans for after graduation. “I know it’s coming to an end, so I’m trying to take in every single last memory I can, but I’m also excited to see what the future holds,” she said.

Livvy plans to move near a beach when she leaves Baton Rouge so she can continue with her infamous beach-nastics.

To the millions of dudes actively trying to pursue Livvy, just know it’s never gonna happen. However, if you seriously are that delusional, you may want to start binging Gossip Girl as a potential conversation starter. Oh, and move to a beach.

Alex Becker

Written by Alex Becker

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