Logan Paul’s Prime Energy Drink Recalled in Canada

Famous YouTubers Logan Paul and KSI have lost Canada as a market for their Prime energy drink after it was completely recalled yesterday due to its high caffeine content. United States senator Chuck Schumer also questioned if the drink should be allowed in stores throughout the US, despite its immense popularity amongst teens. As reported by TMZ, Logan Paul took to social media to explain the difference between Prime Energy and Prime Hydration, with the energy drink only recommended for ages eighteen and older.

It’s amazing that internet personalities like Logan Paul and KSI can release a Gatorade knockoff and have it sell out in stores faster than the PlayStation 5. I was never a big fan of the Paul brothers (especially after they started boxing), so I personally refuse to buy Prime drinks. But, not everyone shares the same mentality as me. Prime has become such a cultural phenomenon that I genuinely believe it will be missed in Canada. 

With popular energy drinks like Celsius having roughly the same amount of caffeine content as Prime Energy, I seriously doubt that the drink will get banned in the United States. In all honesty, it probably doesn’t have any worse effects on our collective health as a country than the McDonald’s Big Mac alone. I’m indifferent about what ends up happening to Prime – but then again I’m not a thirteen-year-old boy who religiously watches the Sidemen on YouTube.

Written by the godfather

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