Man Adopts Dog After Woman Throws Her at Him

Go get a puffy jacket, because you are about to get the biggest heart boner of your life. A year ago, a video came out of a woman holding a puppy arguing with a man in the middle of the street about Lord knows what. In the video, this waste of oxygen continues to get in the man’s face and threaten him, before launching her dog at the man. Fortunately, that man just posted an update, one year after the incident. In the video, it is clear that him and this dog are now the best of friends. 

I am so unbelievably happy that I saw this video after the one-year update came out. I linked the version of the video that didn’t show the dog hit the ground, because her squeals were sadder than any movie scene has ever been. It didn’t help that she looked exactly like the dog from I Am Legend. Fortunately for you, it only shows the insane woman, before it cuts to the new owner and the dog together.

It is rare to see anything positive come from crazy public interactions. Public freakouts are definitely in the top five most common types of videos on the internet. They’re right between high school fights, and gross looking food porn. As a result of this one, we get a TikTok account featuring nothing except a guy hanging out with his dog. Who doesn’t love that?

The most alarming thing about this video was my own reaction to it. I was partially rooting for this woman to do something to justify getting hit. But as soon as the danger went from a human being to a dog, it was no longer funny. This could make me a really good or really bad person. But I’m going to go with the former. I don’t need to ponder my moral compass all weekend. So I’ll confidently say that humans deserve suffering, and dogs do not.

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