Man Attempts to Rob Convenience Store with Gun From Duck Hunt

Photo Credit: York County Sheriff's Office

Yesterday it was reported that a man in North Carolina was arrested after attempting to rob a local store with a plastic gun from the video game Duck Hunt. After flashing the gun at a store worker, the man took $300 from the cash register and ran off, ultimately being caught by police soon after. Since this guy ended up in jail, I can’t really argue that the Duck Hunt gun tactic is smart, but this has got to be one of the most unique robberies I’ve ever heard of.

My mom never let me buy Nerf guns growing up but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t because she was worried I would try and rob a store with it. I admire the courage that this guy had to quite literally rob a store with no legitimate weapon (even if it was incredibly dumb in the end). I’m honestly most surprised that a guy as ingenious as him wouldn’t have a better escape plan. He was all set with a disguise (a mask and wig to cover up that atrocious blue hair) but clearly was winging the whole robbery. Authorities reported that they found him down the street, which likely meant he just left the store and started walking away like nothing happened. I mean, he obviously didn’t have the funds to afford an actual gun, so I’m not all that shocked that he didn’t have a car. 

I do hope that someone is able to post bail for this guy and give him a second chance. He’s only twenty-five and I’d hate to see him completely screw his life up over one dumb incident. If he gets set free, hopefully, he will set down the Duck Hunt pistol and pick up a Nintendo Switch or something. Or he’ll continue to rob convenience stores for the rest of his life, likely with a Super Soaker Nerf gun or Ben 10 wristwatch if he’s feeling extra dangerous. 

Written by the godfather

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