Man Behind”The Dress” Is Now An Attempted Murderer

(Photo taken by Caitlin McNeill)

Remember that dress back in 2015 that completely broke the internet? You know, this one.

It was a whole thing on whether the dress was gold/white or black/blue that split everyone down the middle. It went viral all over social media with the biggest celebrities in the world reposting it and giving their opinions.  

Well, it turns out the dude responsible for that iconic dress is a murderer. Or, at least he tried to be.

Keir and Grace Johnston married back in 2015. At the wedding, Grace’s mother showed up wearing the now infamous dress, which caused debates at the ceremony between guests trying to figure out the color. One of the guests uploaded a photo of the dress to Tumblr in order to get more opinions, yet got more attention than expected as the photo soon went viral over the internet.

Fast forward eight years later and the groom Keir is now in court facing attempted murder charges.

Today in Glasgow where the Johnstons reside, Keir appeared in a High Court after being charged with the attempted murder of his wife Grace last March. According to the courts, the Johnstons were staying at a holiday home in March of 2022 when Keir allegedly attempted to strangle his wife to death and even wielded a knife toward her.

Despite its recency, the lone event was not the first allegation against Keir. His wife claims he had physically abused her for 11 years prior. Incidents she has brought to light include Keir pushing her against a wall, shouting at her and throttling her, threatening to kill her, brandishing a knife towards her, and other acts of domestic violence. 

Keir has denounced the charges, claiming them to be false. He will return to court for a full length trial in 2024.

It sucks to hear such a horrible story surrounding one of the coolest things to take over the internet. The dress literally goes by “The Dress” nowadays. Seriously, just google those two words and it’ll pop up. That’s how famous it is.

I hate that this awful story is now tied to something so iconic. It’s almost like how Jared from Subway tarnished his reputation. Hopefully, Keir gets what’s coming to him and that’s the end of it. It’d be a shame if the dress went down in memory for the domestic violence it foreshadowed versus its own actual awesomeness.

Alex Becker

Written by Alex Becker

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