Man Caught Sniffing Women in Barnes & Noble

We’ve all had our fair share of shameful moments, but Jesus this is bad. Bro sniffed not one but two chicks within a span of maybe fifteen minutes. Also, it’s not like the area he was sniffing probably smelled all that great. To be completely honest with you, I completely forgot that Barnes & Noble stores even still existed till this video. But, now that I know they are a breeding ground for certified creepers, I might go check one out again. After seeing this, it’s clear that the quickest way to TikTok fame is catching some weirdo sniffing you, so I’ve got to at least give it a try. 

I’d imagine that this was a pretty traumatizing experience for the sniff victim. All she wanted to do was record a nice aesthetic video of her getting Starbucks and pretending to be interested in highly sophisticated books – but instead, some random dude practically stuck his nose up her butt. The classic “I was just tying my shoe” excuse didn’t fly for a second. The sniffing bandit even tried to act like the girl was the one being weird. I admire the commitment, but maybe we should try to put that energy toward something a little less creepy. 

According to TMZ, this Barnes & Noble weirdo was arrested recently for a separate misdemeanor but was released quickly after. Just take a look at this dude’s mugshot:

Does he not look like an alien? Seriously though – did he come to Earth on that UFO our government discovered? Sometimes I genuinely can’t believe that some people are real. This guy had to have just spawned randomly at Barnes & Noble to produce this viral incident. Or maybe he was paid by TMZ so they could construct this wild story. Seems all too convenient that this chick just happened to be recording her entire trip to this Barnes & Noble and caught the whole thing on camera.

Written by the godfather

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