Man Crashes Own Funeral with Helicopter

Ladies and gentlemen, a man just made a grand entrance that will put every other grand entrance to shame. This happened in Belgium, where a man crashed his own funeral in a helicopter after faking his own death. He claims he wanted to teach his family a lesson about staying in touch. He said, “I never get invited to anything. We all grew apart. I felt unappreciated.” From the information I know about him, which is that he faked his death so he could appear at his funeral, I’m thinking his family is in the right here.

This feels like an I Think You Should Leave sketch to me. The only people who knew about him coming back at his funeral were his kids. The only reason his kids knew about this, is because his camera crew refused to film it unless they aware of the plan. He still opted to not tell them for over a day and let his children think he is dead. I have to give the guy a little bit of credit though. You truly can’t write a better come back than showing up to your own funeral in a helicopter. I probably would’ve carried a Coors Light and an American flag to lean into the hero aspect, but I wouldn’t change a thing about the entrance itself. 

This reminds me of a conversation I once had with friends in high school about what we want out funeral to look like. Basically, the idea was to create a WWE entrance that our lifeless body would do as a group of our mourning family and friends sat in the audience church. We came to two conclusions. The first was that it’s not particularly chill to fake your death to get a reaction out of your family. The second, was that the ideal funeral features a closed casket, until the service begins. At this point, the casket swings open, revealing no body. When this happens, the Space Jam theme song begins blasting as the corpse begins to descend from the ceiling. That is how you properly pull off your funeral with showmanship. 

What this guy did wasn’t great. Let’s call it morally ambiguous. I still think he deserves some level of respect for hosting the greatest funeral of the year so far, though.

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