Man ‘Greens Out’ While Driving Bus Full of Passengers

A Connecticut bus driver seems to have taken the term “highway” a bit too literally. Jinhuan Chen passed out behind the wheel from eating too many THC-infused gummies and has now been charged with 38 counts of reckless endangerment, one for each of the passengers on board. 

Though the event occurred back in March, Chen appeared in court Tuesday, claiming he didn’t know the snacks had THC in them and had thought they were just normal candies.

Police found Chen unconscious in the driver’s seat when they checked the commercial bus that had been mysteriously pulled over to the side of Interstate 95. Next to Chen was an empty package of Smokies Edibles Cannabis Infused Fruit Chews.

In court, Chen told the judge through a Chinese interpreter “I didn’t know it was marijuana.” His boss Victor Chen (who may or not be related let’s not make any racist assumptions here), told the court Chen “doesn’t drink, he doesn’t smoke, but he has a sweet tooth and likes candy.” He went on to add that Chen has been an exemplary driver for the bus company Go Go Sun Tour for over 10 years.

Chen’s bail has been set to $25,000 with a trial date of August 25. It’s unclear if this was an honest mistake due to a language barrier or if Chen is just a certified chimney that got a bit carried away. Regardless, this story definitely adds a fresh twist to the whole asian-driver stereotype.

Alex Becker

Written by Alex Becker

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