Man Uses Tiktok To Challenge Gang Members To A Fight

(Photo from @thomasdallesandro on Tiktok)

This is the most badass Tiktok ever. 

Thomas D’Allesandro of Southern California posted a Tiktok yesterday evening in which he offers $100,000 to members of a Chilean jewelry heist gang to return his stolen hard drive. In the video, D’Allesandro explains that a hard drive was stolen from his house from a gang that police say is run by a man named Bryan Herrera Maldonado. In an effort to regain what was stolen from him, D’Allesandro is willing to pay the gang $100,000 and not press charges. However, there is a major twist.

Aside from the $100K for the flash drive, D’Allesandro is offering up an additional $100,000 just to fight one of the gang members — any member they choose for that matter. And why? Not because the flash drive holds any monetary value, but instead just photos of him and his kids.

Throughout the entire video, which now has over 5 million views, D’Allesandro repeatedly calls the gang members “cowards” and “punks,” even saying at one point that “it must feel horrible knowing you aren’t real men.”

Honestly, this guy is my new hero. While I couldn’t find any info on him, it’s pretty clear that he is both very rich and kinda old. Yet that is in no way stopping him from getting revenge. Saying you will beat someone up is one thing. It’s a totally more electric thing to tell millions of people that rather than sending someone to jail, you are gonna pay them $200,000 to fight you.

Tom’s confidence is crazy and I think that’s what is so awesome about him. My favorite part of the video is when he says “hopefully, for your sake, you didn’t throw it away because that would suck for you.” That’s some chilling shit right there, Tommy Boy.

If I saw D’Allesandro on the street I’d probably think I could take him in a fight. After watching this video, I’m absolutely certain that he would kick the living shit out of any of these dudes. And that’s South American gang members were talking about.

Also, the fact he is doing this just for photos of his family makes it so much cooler. Tom is clearly a successful, good-hearted, family man. I cannot describe how sick it is that he is also a vigilante.

I’m actually in love with this silver fox and truly hope that somehow he gets his comeuppance. This fight needs to actually happen, so Dana White please get on it. I would easily spend $100 to watch this 60-something year old businessman fight a cartel member. The craziest part is that I’d have stacks riding on the old dude.

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Written by Alex Becker

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  1. I can’t agree more. I’ve been trying to find who he is. With his last name…maybe the lineage is in accord. At any rate, my money on him all day! Hope he gets his drive back and we can see an awesome fight!

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