Mario Characters Favorite Drinks

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Mario (Modelo)-

Mario is 100% the type of guy to enjoy a nice cold Modelo after a hard working day of plumbing and killing koopa troopas. Modelo is the hard-working man’s beer and god damn it Mario is a hard-working man. This fool has to rescue Princess Peach every week while defeating the likes of Bowser, Donkey Kong, and King K. Rool, in the process. This guy definitely hits the liquor store and grabs a 12-pack and deletes them all after a day of fixing Princess Peaches plumbing.

Wario (Any keg you can think of)-

This man is a party animal. Wario is not picky about beer and he will delete anything you put in front of him. As long as it’s in a keg. Legend has it he downed a whole keg in a single keg stand at Waluigi’s kickback. This guy is the life of the party and you definitely would give him a bid if he was rushing. He may end up being a 5th, 6th, hell even a 7th year. But, all that means is more dues and more memories with this send of a human being.

Donkey Kong (Michelob Ultra)-

This guy is ripped for a reason. Donkey Kong doesn’t drink any heavy beers. He loves to get hammered with the boys, but he loves to stay in shape. His go-to drink has to be Michelob Ultra. Low calories and a moderate percentage is DK’s wave. And be my guest to try and tell him that Michelob’s are mid. I dare you.

Princess Peach (Espresso Martini)-

Princess Peaches’ favorite drink hands down has to be an espresso martini. It’s the perfect drink for a girl like her. She’s a princess and she has no care for money. Espresso martini’s at any bar are $15 at the very minimum, but that doesn’t phase her. She also seems like the type of girl to be buying the whole squad drinks with no expectation for reimbursement.

Written by Danny Serrano

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