Mark Jackson Offered $1M to Commentate for an Adult Film Site

Earlier this summer, Mark Jackson was let go by ESPN in a huge string of lay-offs. But, he might have just been offered the greatest job of all time – provide play-by-play for an adult film site. Personally, I’d be willing to do this job for free, let alone a million-dollar contract. If Jackson doesn’t take this gig, he might be a bigger idiot than Ja Morant within the vicinity of a firearm.

This might be a bit of an adjustment from commentating NBA games, but I’m confident that Jackson can get it done. I mean, it’s not like he really provided any valuable in-depth basketball analysis anyways. All he would do is riff with Jeff Van Gundy (also laid off) while Mike Breen did his very best to remain focused on the game. Personally, I think Jackson’s commentary would fit seamlessly into the adult film world. Could you imagine scrolling through the hub and seeing “…commentated by Mark Jackson” on a video title? I don’t care what genre of adult movie it is, I’m clicking on that video immediately. This might be low-hanging fruit, but Jackson has got to bring Mike Breen’s classic “BANG!” over to the adult film scene. 

Everyone always preaches that you should find a job that you genuinely love doing. With the way Mark Jackson thirsted over LeBron’s wife on live television, I think this man is perfectly fit for the job. Sure, some people might not want to hear Mark Jackson’s voice while trying to enjoy a nice mature film, but I bet it will catch on quicker than you might expect. 

Odds are, we won’t get to see Mark Jackson fill this role. As much as we’d love to witness it, Jackson will probably just take some normal job at FOX or CBS. Although it might be better for his career and overall image, I hope Mark will give the people what they want. Mia Khalifa videos were already great, but they’d be even better with Jackson’s touch.

Written by the godfather

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