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ESPN made MAJOR layoffs recently, and among those cut include Max Kellerman, longtime co-host of First Take with Stephen A. Smith. Max Kellerman is a complete clown, and at times, he makes me wonder if he joined ESPN as some kind of decade-long practical joke on the American people. Despite his idiocy, Kellerman has created some of the most meme-worthy moments in sports TV history, so here are the top five Max Kellerman moments.

Number 5: “[Kobe] would be on the All-NBA Worst Team”

I’m the kind of guy that makes Kobe helicopter and rape jokes, and even I think that this is one of the most horrifically incorrect statements of all time.

Number 4:“Kawhi is better than Kobe under pressure”

I don’t pretend to be a basketball expert, but Kobe is well-known as one of the most clutch players in sports history. The seven minutes Stephen A. Smith spends rolling his eyes and getting visibly angry with Max Kellerman makes this video GOLD.

Number 3: “Young Man Rumble”

Yup. In 1994 Max Kellerman was a white rapper. He and his brother released this song. Somehow, it makes everything about him make sense.

Number 2: “Tom Brady is just about done”

Moron Max Kellerman said this in 2016. Brady won three more Super Bowls after that. Kellerman is a complete and total buffoon.

Number 1: “I want Iguodala”

This just speaks for itself. The dude’s a straight up clown. EVEN IGUODALA DISAGREED!

Honestly, after going back and looking at some of these takes, it’s a wonder Max Kellerman wasn’t gone sooner. The dude’s the definition of a total and complete idiot. God dammit, though, he’s had some hilarious moments.

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