McDonalds Is Adding A New Shake

Photo taken from McDonalds

The resident TFM fatty is back with some more exciting fast-food news. McDonalds is releasing a new shake on Monday June 12.

You guys remember Grimace from McDonalds? I’m gonna assume no just because I feel like most people don’t care as much about fast food as I do, especially the history of it. Anyway, McDonalds used to have characters. Nowadays it’s mainly just Ronald McDonald that everyone knows, but back in the day there used to be a whole cast including people like the Hamburglar and Officer Big Mac. Well, while not every member of the cast is back, it seems that the purple bean-bagged shaped creature Grimace has returned and it actually turns out to be his birthday.

For those of you who are completely lost right now, this is Grimace (the purple one, obviously the other is Ronald McDonald. If you didn’t know that just stop reading this completely).

Anway, this upcoming Monday, McDicks is releasing a new shake for Grimace’s birthday. The shake is supposed to be vanilla flavored with hints of berries. My guess is that just like the Shamrock Shake, this will be fully vanilla flavored with some added food coloring. Nevertheless, I could not possibly be more excited.

The shake is reportedly “while supplies last,” whatever that means and can be purchased as part of the Grimace’s Birthday Meal which comes with the shake, fries, and your choice of McNuggets or a Big Mac. Some of my inside sources are saying that many locations will sell the shake alone as well.

So get pumped because this may be the greatest McDonald’s dessert yet. Let’s all just pray that the ice cream machines are working. 

Alex Becker

Written by Alex Becker

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