Meek Mill Is Just Looking For Some Vibrating Panties

Meek Mill out here asking the important questions on Twitter. I saw that his name was trending today, and I was hoping that he wasn’t trending because Drake put him in a bodybag again. I don’t care what the internet says; I like Meek Mill a hell of a lot more than Drake. Seeing this video gets me fired up regardless of what I’m doing. I can be having a shitty day; I can be drunk and thinking I’m the shit; if I watch this video, I’m ready to run through a wall.

Let’s take a took look at Amazon and try to help our boy Meek find some vibrating panties cause the people in the replies were no help.

Jesus, Meek must’ve not looked very hard because, in under 5 minutes, I found pages and pages full of vibrating panties.

This one here, Meek, doesn’t even need to worry about a remote. If he has his phone, he is good to go. Of course, you have to download an app, and if another girl sees this app on his phone, that might cause some anger. If I had to guess, Meek doesn’t have to worry about girls looking through his phone, though.

I understand trying to sneak a little fun while you have kids at home, but including a kid playing video games while mom has some fun is a little strange. Also, what the fuck is that stance? Who plays video games while also working on their squat formation? This screams scam to me since there are many lines above each letter.

I know it’s the cliche not to know anything about a woman’s body, but I have no idea what the fuck this vibrator would do. Why are there so many parts to it? There are little anal beads on the end, it’s shaped like a flower, and I’m guessing that the hump part is what vibrates, but I’m very confused.

Meek Mill, get better with your googling techniques. You shouldn’t have to go to Twitter to find these answers. Who knows, maybe this is like the bat call, and now Meek has 100’s of girls sliding into his DM’s.

Written by Mailman Dave

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