Meet The First Ever AI Influencer: Milla Sofia

(Photo from @AiModelMilla on Twitter)

Do you like what you see here?


(Photo from @AiModelMilla on Twitter)

Well, guess what? It’s completely fake.

I don’t mean fake like your rich aunt’s botched botox either. When I say fake, I mean imaginary because that beautiful woman you haven’t stopped staring at since you clicked this blog doesn’t exist. She never did and never will, but that doesn’t stop her from continuously posting all over social media.

Meet Milla Sofia, the world’s first AI influencer. Yup, this gorgeous woman is just another AI. However, unlike your typical ChatGPT, Milla won’t give you answers to your calc homework, but instead just make you depressed that you will never actually obtain a girl like that. I don’t say that to knock on you (although if you really do follow an AI model on Instagram, you’re probably begging someone to knock on you… get it), I say that because Milla is completely unrealistic.

Despite giving itself a name, age and hometown, Milla is not a real woman. She is just a bunch of 0s and 1s pieced together by punctuation to somehow form this majestic image of a woman. Do I understand the science behind her? No. Yet, at least I know she is fake, unlike thousands of incel dudes who creepily follow and comment on her photos.

(Photo from @AiModelMilla on Twitter)

With over 31,000 followers on Instagram, Milla has earned a massive following on all social media platforms. Although her bio reads “I am 19-year old robot girl living in Helsinki. I’m an AI creation,” it seems many of her fans don’t even realize she isn’t real.

Milla posts photos and captions as if she is truly living a real life. For instance, she recently tweeted out that she traveled to Greece.

Clearly, Milla isn’t in Greece as she isn’t anywhere, so she shouldn’t have to worry about leaving. That said, her fans should probably worry about how dumb they are as many don’t seem to understand she is in no capacity a real person.

Milla even has her own personal website. On it, she uploaded a resume to seem like a real human. What real human being doesn’t have an education? Not Millia! She is so smart she has actually attended the University of Life since June of 2023. Wow, how prestigious!

Though fake, Milla still has her own hopes and dreams. She plans on becoming a brand ambassador, but is currently deciding which company to endorse. I’m sure she has a ton of offers considering her looks, fanbase, and the fact you could pay her less than a Bangladeshi sweatshop worker.

(Photo from @AiModelMilla on Twitter)

If my tone of this blog hasn’t made it apparent, I hate that this exists. Do I like the way she looks? Dumb question. However, the fact that people are wasting their time ogling over these photos, commenting, and even begging this completely fake woman to show them a morsel of attention is flat-out disgusting. 

Men need to gain some more self-respect. I’m all for simping over a girl if she is your girlfriend and treats you right, by all means shower her with your affection. But to put time and energy into keeping up with an imaginary woman is borderline psychotic. Get a grip fellas.

I will say one positive thing before I end this blog. As someone who hates the idea of “influencers,” I hope AI could potentially take them out of existence. Sorry Alix Earle (spell your stupid name right, it’s Alex, we’ve been doing it the same way for centuries), but I would rather see a fake girl pretend to be on a boat than watch you put on makeup while talking about going to Paris. At least this way, I don’t feel bad about myself while I scroll through TikTok as I eat Taco Bell alone on a Saturday night.

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Written by Alex Becker


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