Meet The Hot Wives/Girlfriends Of Your Favorite NFL Teams: Carolina Panthers

NFL players have it all. They get paid millions of dollars, get to play a game that they love every week; sure, they have to put their bodies through torture for all of this, but it’s a great life they live. If the money and their jobs weren’t enough, they also have smoking hot wives and girlfriends. Sure, you have the random tackle or center who is with somebody that looks like a normal woman that you would bump into at your local gas station as you’re buying a 30 rack. Those are the outliers. If you play a premier position like running back, or quarterback you get it all. Along with that is coming home to smoke shows. I’m going to start looking at different NFL teams and who their significant others are. Surprisingly, many wives and girlfriends don’t flaunt online that they are with an NFL player, so some weeks we might have a lot of players and others not so many. Today’s team is the Carolina Panthers.

Christian McCaffrey and Olivia Culpo

The former Miss Rhode Island, Miss USA, and Miss Universe started to date the Panthers running back in July 2019. According to all reports, they haven’t tied the knot yet, but they are stuck at the hip together. Maybe if McCaffrey spent a little less time in the bedroom with this smoke show and more time in the gym, he wouldn’t be hurt every other game. This isn’t the first NFL player that Culpo has been with. She had a brief relationship with Tim Tebow. We all know that Tebow wasn’t spending too much time in the bedroom as he was getting ready for whatever new sport he was trying to get into after failing as a quarterback.

Shaq Thompson and Gabby Wagonblast

I could have just ended this blog with a photo dump of Olivia Culpo, and that would have satisfied all of the horndogs. But, I had to include Shaq and Wagonblast. Now I have no idea how Gabby got that nickname or if it’s her real last name, and unfortunately, she keeps all of her socials private, so I can’t confirm this, but I’m guessing she has an ass that would make Sir Mix A Lot happy. According to all reports, Shaq and Wagonblast are still together, but even though they have been engaged since 2018, they haven’t tied the knot yet. I’m still unsure if it’s a nickname or her real last name. Regardless, the 13-year-old me finds it very funny.

Now that I’ve shown the hottest significant others of the Carolina Panthers, what team should I highlight next week? Make sure to comment below to let me know.

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