Megan Thee Stallion Stuns In Sexy New Look

(Photo from @theestallion on Instagram)

Megan Thee Stallion just went icy blue and is somehow still making me sweat.

The rapper has just unveiled a new look, donning a light hairstyle with baby blue highlights. To show off her new do, Megan matched her hair color to her outfit. In some of the best photos I’ve seen all week, Megan wears a small blue bikini to go with her hair and long blue nails.

(Photo from @theestallion on Instagram)

Megan posted the collection of photos to her Instagram with the caption “Real Hotgirl Sh🔥t.” No disagreement there. The “Savage” singer left nothing up to the imagination during this photoshoot and as a man, I greatly appreciate that. Megan really pulled out all the stops, giving fans a look from each and every angle.

(All photos from @theestallion on Instagram)

As the true artist she is Megan used blue props to go along with the swimsuit and hairdo. Choosing two phallic-shaped foods, Megan captured herself attacking an ice pop with authority as well as sucking on a lollipop. While I don’t want to get too graphic, I will say that if she treats bedroom play anyway like she treats those foods, I don’t want her anywhere near my pants.

Though Megan gave us a ton of photos with a variety of angles, my personal favorite is when she shows off her manicure.

(Photo from @theestallion on Instagram)

Just look at those nails. Wow, they are perfect. I especially like the perfect shape that they have to them and appreciate Megan giving us a closer look. I wish more women would zoom in on their nails exactly in this pose. Maybe then men would notice a bit more when their girlfriend gets a fresh manicure.

This is far from the first time Megan has shown off her amazing body. Just earlier this week, Megan shared a sexy video of herself at the beach dancing to her own song “Body.” While I personally like Megan’s new blue look a bit better, this was still fun to look at.

Hopefully we get some more Megan content soon.

Alex Becker

Written by Alex Becker

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