MGK Goes Crazy Defending Megan Fox on Set

On the set of Megan Fox’s new movie, Johnny and Clyde, Machine Gun Kelly went ballistic on Fox’s costar Tyson Ritter. Ritter described the incident, saying he went into Fox’s trailer to talk about a scene they were filming when MGK got defensive and began screaming at Ritter. The idea Ritter proposed was for him to put his fingers in Fox’s mouth during a scene where Fox’s character dies. Apparently, Fox’s character does this to Ritter’s character throughout the movie, but I still think Ritter probably had an ulterior motive when he suggested that to the actress. 

Machine Gun Kelly seems a little insane, but I think that’s the level of energy required to keep people from trying to get into Fox’s pants. Megan Fox has been a staple of teenage sexual fantasies since her appearance in Transformers, so MGK is well within his right to think that other people are going to take a shot at having a fun moment with his fiancé. If I were filming a movie with Megan Fox, I’d suggest my fingers end up in her mouth at some point too. Who cares if it has anything to do with the plot?

The weirdest part of this story is the reaction from Ritter. He talks about how perfect this interaction was for him because of the inspiration it provided for him in another film he was working on at the time. He claimed to be happy about how MGK inspired him, but he also talks about him very disrespectfully. He exclusively refers to him as Colson, his real name, and Pistol Pete, which is a nickname he made up for MGK. Neither are particularly demeaning for Kelly, but both make it seem like Ritter is not happy with how the situation unfolded. I haven’t seen the film, and I’m surely not going to. What I have gathered, is that Ritter’s saltiness in this situation is probably related to his missed chance to fingerbang Megan Fox’s mouth. 

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