Mike Tyson Accidentally Befriended a Serial Killer

Mike Tyson was recently on the Valuetainment podcast recently where he told the story of a time he had an interaction with a serial killer. The serial killer’s name is Dale Hausner and he shot over twenty people and killed eight in the Arizona area between 2005 and 2006. Tyson talks about how the man interviewed him after an encounter where Tyson stood up for Hausner around a group of reporters who were being mean to him. Since he was a boxing reporter, and Tyson became friendly with the man, Iron Mike found himself being questioned by a SWAT just a few weeks later. 

Unfortunately for Netflix, he’s neither an A-List serial killer, or cute enough to be played by Evan Peters, so this scene won’t be happening on our tv screens anytime soon. With that being said, this sounds like the most simultaneously hilarious and terrifying conversation to watch in on. The guy was probably asking Tyson questions about, “his surgical abilities,” or “picking guys apart,” as if it was a boxing conversation. No offense to Tyson, but his grasp on the English language doesn’t seem advanced enough to pick up the complexities of a serial killer’s conversational red flags. 

The world got lucky that Mike Tyson turned out as sane as he did. This is the same guy who tried to bite a guy’s ear off twice in the same fight and knocked out the most loveable member of The Hangover trio. If him and Hausner became any closer, he might’ve become the first serial killer to execute his victims in one punch. He has the ability to be the baddest man on the planet whenever he wants, but he now just chooses to eat a bunch of psychedelic plants and tell funny stories on podcasts. And as much as my mother doesn’t want to admit it, that lifestyle harms no one. 

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