Miller Lite Saw Bud Light Lose a Bunch of Money and Tried to Top It With This New Ad

One month ago, Bud Light put transgender actor Dylan Mulvaney on a can and talked about how the brand is fratty and out of touch. Bud Light has lost $6 million in market value since then, which Miller Lite saw and apparently tried to outdo. Miller Light announced their removal of women in bikinis throughout all advertising, and talked about burning their old advertising material to turn into fertilizer. To answer the question all of our moms probably asked us, yes, Miller Lite would jump off a cliff if their friend did it first. Seriously, look at this commercial they probably spent millions of dollars on.

I don’t understand how Miller Lite gave this idea the green light immediately after Bud Light tried the same thing with disastrous results. I don’t love it, but I understand the company shifting away from using scantily dressed women in their advertising. As awesome as some may find it, it doesn’t really play to the public. But it’s also a trend in advertising that has been happening for years. Miller Lite shouldn’t feel the need to apologize for using one of the oldest advertising tactics in the book. Should every actor who got big in the 90s apologize for their copious use of hard drugs and sex workers? No, they swept it under the rug, and quietly rebranded like everyone else. 

Clearly, this is an example of Miller Lite screaming, “Everyone look at me. I’m being nice to everyone. Buy my beer.” Apparently, they didn’t see Kid Rock shoot 300 beers with an AR like I was lucky enough to see on my timeline, but people are going to be mad about this. These beer companies need to realize, people drink their beer to get drunk, and aren’t attempting to make a political statement with their choice of beverage. Their demographic is largely made up of bored college students who already hear more politics than they’d like to from the girl in their economics class who has way too much energy for nine am.

Beer companies need to start making an effort to be as down the middle as possible. Natty Light should be drafting a new slogan right now that goes, “Natty Light. Drink it cold, or don’t. I’m not the boss of you.” This would allow beer companies to get back to what has always made them so great, beer. Give it to me in large quantities, and shut up. If I have to hear my mom ask me about, “that guy Dylan,” on the Bud Light cans again, I might just start carrying a flask so I can get hammered in peace. 

Congratulations Miller Lite. You’re now a wanna-be Bud Light, both in and outside of the can. 

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  1. You’re an idiot. They didn’t have an IT that has to pop pills to support their personal castration on film. They had a woman making jokes and satire. SMH. You’re a fucktard. You’re probabily butthurt that you liked BL is all.

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