MLB: 2 Winners and 2 Losers This Offseason

LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 27: A dejected Red Sox fan Hugo Chavez of New Mexico after the game. The Dodgers defeated the Red Sox 3-2. Los Angeles Dodgers hosted the Boston Red Sox in Game 3 of the World Series at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles on Oct. 27, 2018. (Photo by Stan Grossfeld/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

This MLB offseason has been drama filled from beginning to end. With $2 billion+ being spent on just the large contracts alone, it was easy to see who wanted to win and who already gave up on the season before it even started. Large market teams like the Mets, Padres, and Yankees spent stupid amounts of money in hopes to win their respective divisions. After seeing how much different teams spent, it’s safe to say that there were some teams that hit big and others who downright shit the bed.



This is a killer. The Yankees are up there for the most hated team in baseball and have been for decades. However, they did have quite the offseason. They stole Arson Judge from the San Francisco Giants and locked him up for 9 years/ $360 million. They also added Carlos Rodón on a 6-year deal. He joins the likes of Gerrit “Kermit” Cole, Luis Severino, Nestor Cortes, Domingo German, and Frankie “Stankie” Montas. They also got some bullpen help in the form of Tommy Kahnle on a 2-year deal. Although they didn’t improve their offense, they are still certain playoff contenders.


This is a very easy choice. One word, Degrom. When healthy, he is the best pitcher on the planet. To lock him up is a huge win. Then signing Nate Eovaldi, as well as keeping Martín Perez was a huge dub as well. Some pitching is what the Rangers needed, especially after spending huge on Semien and Seager the year prior.


Red Sox:

You know its a dog shit offseason when you make the Pirates look like they had a decent offseason. Oh boy here we go. As much as I hate to say it the Red Sox sucked ass this offseason. They start off by losing Xander Bogaerts to the San Diego Padres with an offer that was way over what the Sox had shown him. They then go to sign a Japanese import for way too much money for someone who has never played in the United States. They also signed Kenley Jansen, Chris Martin, Corey Kluber, and Justin Turner. All who are older than the game of baseball itself. Don’t get me wrong, Chaim was going to have to make some risky decisions and have to let people go. That’s how baseball works. But, these moves were absolutely atrocious, and seems like he gave up on the season before it started.


This is kind of a given. After swinging and missing on Carlos Correa and Arson Judge, the Giants were bound to be losers. They kept in talks with Carlos Rodón but lost him to the Yankees. After that, it was Judge or Correa or bust. Even though the Correa situation wasn’t their fault, they could have at least tried for a smaller contract or something. After that fell through, there were no big names left on the market and they proceeded to sign Luke Jackson, Michael Conforto, Taylor Rodgers, and Sean Manaea. This wasn’t a bad offseason, more disappointing for their fan base after having Aaron Judge for 10 minutes and Carlos Correa for 6 days.

Written by Danny Serrano

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