Montreal Went Insane Last Night After The Canadians Swept The Jets

For people who aren’t hockey fans, you probably see the Jets in the title, and you’re very confused. Winnipeg’s team is named the Jets, just like New York, and just like New York, they suck. Winnipeg finished the season with the 3rd seed in the North Division, and then they swept the Oilers in the first round and sent McDavid back home. The Canadians shocked the world and beat the Maple Leafs in the first round. Everybody thought that the Canadians had no chance against the Jets, well 4 games later and the Canadians are headed to the 3rd round. What did the people of Montreal do? They partied their asses off.

I love the two guys holding the orange cone-like it’s the Stanley Cup. For all of the hardo’s who are saying did they win the Cup? Isn’t this the second round? You can fuck right off; I will never shame anybody for partying. Growing up only an hour from Canada, I know how important hockey is up north. There hasn’t been a Stanley Cup winner since Montreal in 1993, and if people want to party because their team won a game. Let’s fucking go.

I have no idea what’s happening with Covid in Canada, but it seems like a shit show. There haven’t been any fans allowed in stadiums; they have been going on and off for lockdowns, and getting the vaccine seems like a process. This is a party for beating not only the Jets but also the kick-off of summer after being stuck in your house for over a year.

Written by Mailman Dave

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