Morgan Wallen’s Son Attacked By Ex-Girlfriend’s Dog??

Photo Credit: Music Mayhem Magazine

Country superstar Morgan Wallen is once again in the news – but at least this time it isn’t for canceling his tour or saying the n-word. Rather, Wallen’s son Indigo was recently victim to a dog attack, said dog being owned by Wallen’s ex-girlfriend and baby mama. After receiving some stitches, Indigo is expected to be perfectly fine except for maybe a scar, however, KT Smith (Wallen’s ex) is looking for a new home for the dog so it doesn’t have to be put down. By watching the video that KT Smith posted to social media explaining the situation, it’s clear that the dog attack wasn’t malicious in any way shape, or form, but a different environment is necessary moving forward. 

I won’t lie, I’m a huge dog person. While many people might want a dog to be put down in this type of situation, I’ve always been pretty against that. Sure, we can’t have murderous pit bulls roaming the streets, but I don’t think this falls into that category. Best case scenario is that the dog is welcomed by a new family in which no one will be at risk of attack and we get a fire new song from Morgan Wallen embellishing this ex-girlfriend dog attack. I mean, there seems to be so much content from this incident that not making a song would be criminal. I don’t want to get greedy, but maybe there’s room for an entire album filled with dog attack references? I wouldn’t imagine that his son would mind – given that he’s like three years old and might have permanent brain damage. 

All jokes aside, I’m happy to hear that Indigo isn’t terribly hurt from the attack and that there’s potential to find the dog a new and safe home. Now, if we later find out that this was an intentional attack, there’s no telling the level of banger we’ll end up getting from Morgan Wallen later this summer.

Written by the godfather

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